Master thesis

Students have the possibility to write their Master’s thesis in our specialization area. In order to distribute our supervisory capacity equally it is necessary to submit your application.

If you are interested in writing your Master’s thesis in our specialisation area, please find our research interests on our homepage. For the latest proposed topics in the field of economic psychology please scroll further down. If there are currently no proposed topics posted you can also send us your application with your own topic suggestions.

Applying for a Master's thesis

The application deadlines are on the 30th of June and 31th of January. Please submit the following documents with your application via email or by mail:

  • Completed form for Application for Supervision (download here as PDF)
  • Transcript of records (as a proof for academic progress)
  • Letter of motivation (short explanation of approximately one A4 page, why you want to write your Master’s thesis in this field)
    • Please elaborate your own topic suggestion or refer to one of the listed proposed topics.

Particular attention will be given to students who fulfil the following requirements:

  • Theory and empiricism of scientific work (Theorie und Empirie wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens) (Prof. Kirchler)
  • Advanced exercise or Advanced seminar in the field of economic psychology (Vertiefungsübung oder Vertiefungsseminar im Bereich Wirtschaftspsychologie)
  • VU Economic Psychology (VU Wirtschaftspsychologie)

The required documents are going to be reviewed before assigning available supervisory capacities. After your application you will hear from us about our decision.

In the case of confirmation of supervision you automatically receive a spot in your supervisor’s master’s thesis seminar.

Please attend the master’s thesis seminar after receiving a confirmation. Given you have received a refusal, we invite you to submit another application at the next possible date or to contact other supervisors at the faculty.